Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Usually the "broken part" on the motherboard (or graphics card) is the board itself. In most cases it is easier and cheaper to replace the whole board. Diagnosing and replacing other board components requires expensive equipment and serious knowledge in electronics.
Yes, the output of capacitors on motherboards is a thing of the distant past. Nowadays, expensive boards use semiconductor capacitors, and it is impossible to visually detect their malfunction. If the capacitor is blown it means that it is the consequence of a serious failure that can't be solved with a simple tester and a soldering iron.

    Learn to understand the schematics of desktop and notebook motherboards

Learn how to read circuitry in general and you will be happy

    Learn how a PC works at the microcontroller level. You know, which signal goes where, which controller is responsible for what and so on.

It's simple motherboards don't have microcontrollers

    I have a basic knowledge of digital and analog electronics, I know what a transistor, a trigger, a register and how they work. But I need knowledge of practical repair.

The practical repair of the PC is fundamentally different from repairing, for example, televisions. If a PC component fails within a year, it is under warranty, if it lasted a year it will last another two with a 90% probability. Repair the board or vdeokard which is 3 + years old is banal unprofitable, for the poor can find a second-hand analog for pennies, for those who have the money a good excuse to make a complete upgrade

    Please advise, how can I learn to do it. Preferably in practice. You can, if you have good books, you can video courses, but free, but they probably do not.

I advise. Read all the links above. I do not know about the books have never been interested. Any paid course is a scam, free video is usually written by the same dummies as you, but more stupid and brazen. The only video that has practical value is the sequence of disassembly of complex devices.
Practice can be obtained in several ways. The most effective is to ask the nearest sane service station to sit in a corner on a stool on the conditions that you agree to run for free beer and make coffee. And if they agree, then your task is to watch and listen, watch and listen. But all this is only possible if your parents or someone else agrees to feed and clothe you for 3-5 years. You also have to understand that the knowledge you get will not make you a millionaire.
Another option is to get a job as an engineer, this is much worse than the first option in moral terms, but you will have some kind of salary and a posh zoo of technology.
The third option is free to discuss the old equipment poor relatives, friends and neighbors, on the condition that you do not take money for work, but do not guarantee the success of the event (some miserable agree

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