Tuesday, February 23, 2016

 How to learn how to repair computers?

I want to learn how to diagnose motherboards, change the broken parts, understand the schematics of desktop motherboards and laptops, learn the principle of the PC at the microcontroller level. That is, what is the signal for what goes, what controller is responsible for, and everything in this spirit. I have a basic knowledge of digital and analog electronics, I know what a transistor, trigger, register, and how they work. But I need knowledge in practical repair. Please advise how to learn. Preferably in practice. Books can be, if there are smart, you can video courses, but free, although they probably do not.

    Learn how a PC works at the microcontroller level

To begin with, there are no microcontrollers in a PC. Well, that's the way it happens. There are microcontrollers in industrial automation, in transport, in household appliances, even in electric boards. But there are no MCs in the PC, in the usual sense of those terms.

Learn how to solder well (and this is not easy on modern boards, I can only do it at the "can-do" level). As said in the comments, they are now replacing faulty boards in their entirety.
A common problem is failing electrolytic capacitors. On motherboards is not common anymore, but in general electronic units - yes (power supplies, monitors, routers, etc.) So you can even without turning your brain carefully re-solder capacitors, and with a 50% chance the device will work after that. And in the other 50% you can shrug your hands, frown and say that the repair of this fault will cost more than a new board with delivery. :) Well, sometimes there are also blown fuses or burst varistors, which are even easier than with capacitors. Broken USB connectors, broken cables in laptops - all this does not require qualification.

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